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Who's received a black bar?

I'm not sure when Hacker News started adorning a black bar on top of the website after a significant person passed, but I compiled a list of people who've received it starting from 2016.

Kris Nóva

Bram Moolenaar

Kevin Mitnick

Bob Lee

Fred Brooks

Kathleen Booth

Roger Hui

Sir Clive Sinclair

Dan Kaminsky

Tony Hsieh

John Conway

Larry Tesler

Joe Armstrong

Larry Roberts

Paul Allen

Stephen Hawking

Seymour Papert

How I got this list

This list was compiled using a simple Python script that recursively requested HN's Algolia search API for posts containing "has died". For each relevant hit, I pulled in snapshots from the Wayback Machine to see if the HTML document contained the black bar element at the end of the day the post was created. It's possible there are names missing.


August 20, 2023: added Kris Nóva

August 6, 2023: added Kevin Mitnick