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Ludum Dare 54

Ludum Dare ended a week ago. This year's theme was limited space. I made Puck Sput. It's not good... but here's my post-jam thoughts.

I took the theme literally and imagined a game that had friends crowded around a single keyboard, shoving and pushing, battling for victory in an intense area-based last-man-standing match. My game didn't turn out as intense as I wanted it to...

Thoughts on HaxeFlixel

I opted for HaxeFlixel as a framework since I've used it briefly before and it's easy exportability to HTML5. Overall it was a pleasant experience.

Somethings I like:

Somethings I didn't like:

The Jam

LD is always a fun time. I always like to check out streamers and at the end see what creative things people manage to put together. So I greatly enjoyed the community aspect of it.

I didn't really make the deadline, so I never submitted my game officially. But, I think if you combine the hours I worked on my game over the week it would amount to less than 48 hours. So I guess take that for what it's worth.

Closing Thoughts

I finished the game and I'm happy with it. It looks awful and plays awkwardly. But there's a sliver of my initial delusional vision in there that was realized. And that makes me happy. That's what making art is all about - doing your best to capture your vision and sharing it when when you come close.